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I. Capital and Management Support of Group Company

China State Shipbuilding Co., Ltd. is a large state-owned backbone enterprise jointly recomposed of the former China State Shipbuilding Co., Ltd. and the former China Shipbuilding Industry Co., Ltd., possessing 147 scientific research institutes, enterprise units and listed companies in total, owning total assets of 7,900 billion Yuan and 310,000 employees, which is the largest shipbuilding group all over the world.

As a non-shipbuilding industry, Qingdao Haixi Heavy-Duty Machinery Co., Ltd. (HHMC for short), is a manufacturer of cranes strongly supported by the group company CSSC in capital and talent recruit. As a burgeoning company born out of a traditional military enterprise, HHMC inherits the excellent management and quality assurance systems of the military industry unit, assuring the sufficient capital, technology and talent resources. In recent years, HHMC has successively undertaken these projects as following:

Shanghai Port of Quayside Container Crane, Ningbo Port of Quayside Container Crane, Rizhao Port of Rubber Tyred Gantry Crane, Tianjin Port of Rubber Tyred Gantry Crane, Guangzhou Port of Rubber Tyred Gantry Crane, Port of Tripoli, Lebanon of Quayside Container Crane and Rubber Tyred Gantry Crane, Mauritius Port of Quayside Container Crane and Rubber Tyred Gantry Crane; Batches of equipment for Korea, such as:  ARMGs and STSs for PNC, ASCs and STSs for BNCT; Qatar New Hamad Port of STSs and RMGs; Hainan Yangpu Port of STSs, RMGs and portal cranes.

II. Technical Strength

HHMC has its own research & development center, with more than 200 technical team members, including 5 with researcher-level titles, 70 with senior titles and 164 with intermediate titles. HHMC has two academician and expert workstations, specializing in the research of port machinery engineering technology.

Shanghai Design & Research Institute, located in Shanghai Puxi, is the core resource of HHMC with the design capacity of full range of rail and tire container gantry cranes and ship-to-shore container cranes and the ability to provide overall engineering solutions and full life-cycle services; not only the renovation of the informatization, automatization and intelligentialization for traditional ports, but also the research and equipment development of handling capacity for intelligent ports, D & R institute strives to establish an overall ship-shore integrated green intelligent equipment structure.

Relying on the military background of the enterprise and taking advantage of the “military-civilian integration”, Intelligent Research Institute and Shanghai Design & Research Institute cooperate to develop the automatic container equipments with full utilization of Group’s technical advantages.

III. Hardware Equipments

(1)Pretreatment Technique

The steel plate materials of HHMC are purchased by CSSC in a centralized way, with reliable purchasing channels and quality. According to the characteristics and requirements of port machineries, HHMC has equipped a complete set of pretreatment line to improve the corrosion resistance of the whole steel structure. All steel plate, profile and tubing shall, before blanking, be pretreated. During the surface pretreatment progress, the identification and transplantation of materials and specifications shall be well done.

(2)Large-scale Steel Structure Fabrication

Born out of the shipbuilding industry, HHMC holds a great advantage in fabrication of the large-scale steel structures. HHMC owns nearly 100,000M2 of steel structure manufacturing plant, including the phase I plant of 24,624 M2 (216M long, 114M wide) and phase II plant of 60,000 M2 (348M long, 170M wide), equipped with 75T, 50T and 32T overhead travelling cranes which are mainly used for welding large-scale steel elements. All the steel structure fabrication is done in plants, which can guarantee the welding quality and schedule free from the limitations of weather.

Being successfully approved by ISO9001, CCS classification society and American Petroleum Institute (API) system, HHMC has established an integral quality management system for welding procedure specification, covering all material grades and welding types of Q235-Q690 / A36-E50. All welders have obtained the welder certificates issued by CCS, ABS, AWS, and all welding work is supervised by the quality management personnel.

Spacious steel structure plant and powerful lifting capacity guarantee that all steel structure elements and outfitting pieces can be welded in plants and directly transformed to the spraying workshop for overall spray which can make sure the high quality and lifetime of painting without any potential damage of secondary welding.

(3)Annealing Furnace

As for the large-scale elements requiring high-accuracy, HHMC is equipped with a box-type annealing furnace (9000 * 5600 * 3000mm 1200KW) to eliminate the welding stress by the heat treatment furnace, which can avoid the deformation of the structure and prolong the lifetime of elements.

(4)Overall Spraying Workshop

In order to improve the paint quality and prolong the service lifetime of the equipment, HHMC, drawing on the successful experience of the Group’s shipbuilding anti-corrosive coating, has established two modern spraying workshops of 36m * 85m. The ultra-long depth can realize the overall sandblasting and coating for long components, which can effectively reduce the segmentation of the equipment to maintain its wholeness. The constant-temperature and dehumidification of spraying workshops allow large-scale formed steel structure to be paint-sprayed integrally, which can greatly improve the painting quality. HHMC is the only one manufacturer at home which can spray the boom and girder of a gantry crane as a whole in the spraying workshop.

(5)Installation and Shipment Terminal

Owning dedicated wharf of more than 1,000M, HHMC’s manufacturing area is close to the shoreline and is equipped with one set of 1,600T gantry crane, one set of 300T gantry crane, one set of 260T gantry crane and two sets of 120T gantry cranes, which provides excellent facilities to realize the overall installation, commissioning and rolling shipment. The 1,600T gantry crane realizes that the lifting assembly installation at one time after the elements assembled on the ground rather than the traditional lifting elements assembly installations over times, which can effectively reduce the risk of work at height and shorten the installation time and make large crane equipment being hoisted on board as a whole possible.

The only domestic manufacturer can apply the 1600T gantry crane for the overall lifting of the upper structure of the large port machinery equipment, which will not affected by tides or floating cranes.

The water depth of the HHMC’s wharf is 9.5m and it can dock 60,000T Ro-Ro ship, providing the whole equipment for the rolling shipment and having already rolling-shipped almost 300 sets of equipments.