Successful delivery of One QC for Ningbo Zhoushan Port Beilun Ore Terminal

Author: , Add time:2020/11/6

On September 21, one QC manufactured by HHMC under the leadership of WMMP which is a subsidiary of CSSC for Ningbo Zhoushan Port Beilun Ore Terminal was successfully delivered.

There are three truck pathways under the QC, which can satisfy the loading and unloading work of Panamax ship and break-bulk simultaneously. After putting into operation, the QC can replace the existing portal crane for container loading and unloading, greatly improving the efficiency of the container handling capacity.

During the shipment process, HHMC only used one day to finish the lateral movement from the backyard to the frontline of the wharf as part of the delivery preparation, which was a bold breakthrough for processing. Again it just took one day for the accomplishment of endurance test based on zero-failure, half of a day for ro-ro shipment and one day for fastening, which guarantees the smooth delivery of the equipment.

Valuing the concepts of “cooperation, enterprising, excellence, and gratitude”, HHMC has continuously manufactured batches of QC and Portal cranes for Ningbo Zhoushan Port in recent years. The two sides have established great cooperation relationship through all the hard-work and tough challenges overcome together, which provides strong supports for Ningbo Zhoushan Port to become a international first-class Port. While doing a good job in normalizing the pandemic prevention and control work, HHMC will stick to the core value of “Three Qualities and Three Hearts” and actively response to the delivery requirements to ensure the smooth turn-key and the Equipment’s performance.