All-outSprint in the Fourth Quarter, Two Deliveries and One Shipment of projects

Author: , Add time:2021/1/4

Recently, Qingdao Haixi Heavy-Duty Machinery Co., Ltd., under the leadership of WMMP which is a subsidiary of CSSC, completed three key nodes of three projects---two deliveries and one shipment. The coldness of the winter is warmed up by the enthusiasm. Personnel of Haixi are racing against the clock and all-out sprinting for the fourth quarter answering to the group company's requirement of "Striving together in the fourth quarter, fixing the goal and working hard to ensure the high-quality completion of various tasks throughout the year".

Delivery of ARMGs for Rizhao Container Port Automated Yard Phase II Project

In middle of November, six ARMs for Rizhao container port automated yard phase II project undertaken by HHMC were delivered.

The unloading and commissioning on Rizhao port have been strongly supported by the owner, who provides lifting equipment and coordinates with the truck for commissioning. In order to meet the owner's demand for the performance of equipment, personnel of the on-site project team work overtime to finish the commissioning work in two batches, on the other side, production assurance personnel are also on duties to guarantee the good performance. The safe and efficient performance of the equipment has been fully approved by user.

Phase II of the project is the second cooperation between the two parties in the construction project of automated yard after the smooth operation of phase I project in 2019! At present, phase III of the project is also under way of arrangement.HHMC will adhere to the core values of "Three Qualities and Three Hearts" and serve attentively to ensure the high quality and efficient completion of the project and help Rizhao port of Shandong Port Group speed up the construction of smart port.

Delivery of Qatar New Hamad Port Project Phase I

At the end of November, as the completion of the endurance test for the third QC, Qatar New Hamad phase I project of three QCs and twelve RTGs all were delivered to the owner after the various commissions and tests were done.

The overall construction of the project was planned properly, safely and efficiently, under the situation of epidemic prevention and control plus equipment commissioning and delivery advancing together. With the joint efforts of QTERMINALS and relevant parties, the delivery was successfully completed for the equipment operated stably. The owner shows approval for the user experience of the equipment and gives praise to the HHMC Equipment with advanced technology, outstanding safety and performance. Putting into operation of this batch of equipment shall greatly improve the loading and unloading capability, which shall further promote the local economic development.

At present, 4 sets of 80T-68M QCs and 14 sets of 40T RTGs for Qatar project phase II are also under intense production and manufacturing in HHMC. HHMC shall adhere to the basis of party member fighting for the key project, which demands the role as battle fortress of party branch and the pioneering model of party backbone, in order to guarantee the project phase II complete on schedule with good quality and quantity.

Shipment of the First Batch of Equipment for Guangzhou Port Automated Yard Project

On December 4, the first batch of four ARMGs for the automated yard project of Nansha container terminal branch of Guangzhou Port Co., Ltd. undertaken by HHMC was successfully shipped.

Due to the shortage of transport ship, in order to ensure the smooth delivery of the project, the project team has repeatedly improved the stowage scheme, which fully used the space of the ship and controlled the size accuracy to centimeter. Through detail optimization, the original scheme of hull widening is amended to dismantle the cable reel platform to facilitate shipment and reduce the transportation risk to the most extent, and save preparing time and cost of shipment. Through formulating the detailed loading plan and assigning personnel properly, it realizes the shortest time that two sets of equipment were loaded a day.

The project contains two empty containers and six heavy containers double cantilever ARMGs. RMG is one of the mainstream equipment adopted in automated terminals at home and abroad, which has the functions of truck positioning, truck anti-lifting, spreader posture monitoring, container yard contour scanning, target position detection, and automatic orientation detection, etc. RMG can realize remote control, greatly reducing the operation intensity and improving the operation safety, reliability and comfort level. Putting into operation of the equipment shall help Guangzhou port to further play the role of international shipping hub and leading model, further promoting the construction and development of Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao Bay area.