Smooth Delivery of Four Luffing Cranes for Beibuwan Port Qinzhou wharf Co., Ltd.

Author: , Add time:2021/8/27

On February 2, four MQ25T-35M luffing cranes manufactured by HHMC under the leadership of WMMP which is a subsidiary of CSSC, for Beibuwan Port Qinzhou wharf Co., Ltd. were successfully delivered.  


The cranes delivered this time are all level luffing cranes with the maximum lifting capacity of 40T and the maximum operating range of 35M. With the advantages of perfect performance, stable and reliable function and efficient loading/unloading capacity, these cranes are mainly used for unloading bulk goods such as ore, coal and grain.

Actively facing the challenge of heavy workload in Qinzhou wharf, project team planned ahead and prepared in advance, dedicating to satisfy owners expectation of 5 days for uploading work and 7 days for special inspection after loading on rail. Transport vessel berthed on January 12, uploading work was completed on January 17, inspection was applied on January 22 and on January 28 the cranes were putted into operation after certificated. Wills united like a fortress, determinations unified like a wall. Behind every impossible achievement of targets was the unremitting effort of on-site project team. The strong wind and freezing cold during the uploading days did not block the pace of unloading. The smooth delivery of this project won the praise from the owner.

The insufficient distribution of portal cranes at 7-8# berths in Beibuwan port Legou operation area has been effectively solved as the operation of this batch of cranes, which further improves the handling capacity and provides a strong support for the development of “ Western Land-see New Channel” in Beibuwan Port, Guangxi province.