Hand in Hand with Yangjiang Port to Accelerate the Integration into the World-Class Port Group of Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Grand Bay

Author: , Add time:2021/8/27

A few days ago, HHMC, under the leadership of WMMP which is a subsidiary of CSSC, won the bid for 2 1000T-74M Goliath Gantry cranes and 1 40T-30M Level Luffing crane project for Jishu operation area of Yangjiang Port.


As for the Goliath gantry crane of this project, the lifting capacity is 1000T and the lifting height above rail is 60M, lifting height under rail is 10M and the gauge is 74M. Equipped with modern status monitoring system and controlling management system which enables 2 Goliath gantry cranes operate jointly, the Goliath gantry crane of this project is able to lift ultra large cargo. When it comes to level luffing cranes of this project, the rated lifting capacity is 40T and maximum operating range is 30M, which is one of the mainstream equipment used in bulk cargo at both home and aboard at present.  

Yangjiang Port is a national first-class port opening up to the world, with outstanding water and land transportation advantages. Being located between two major hub ports of Guangzhou Port and Zhanjiang Port, Yangjiang Port is the significant gateway port in Southwest China. To satisfy the port development demand, a total of 16 berths will be established in Jishu operation area. Equipment of this project will be put into operation in two berths for the port construction phase I, among which one is dedicated for the product exportation and raw material importation for wind power base and the other is general-purpose berth mainly used for loading and unloading steel plate and general cargo.

The construction of Yangjiang Port rationalizes the layout of ports in Guangdong province, which fills in gap in deep-water ports in central western Guangdong. You give me a chance, I’ll return you satisfy! Cooperating with Yangjiang Port this time, HHMC will actively fulfill the core value of Three Quality and Three Hearts. Based on our own advantages, focusing on customers demands and concentrating on attentive service, HHMC promises to complete this project with high quality and efficiency, promote the construction of Jishu operation area of Yangjiang Port, and assist Yangjiang Port to integrate the world-class port group of Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Grand Bay.