Successful Delivery of “ Ganghang Platform 7”

Author: , Add time:2021/8/27

Elites gathered in Qingdao, “P7” shined in ocean.


On the morning of June 28, 700T jack-up wind-power operation platform of Tianjin Zhongmu Technology Co., Ltd., named Ganghang Platform 7” was successfully delivered in HHMC under the leadership of WMMP which is a subsidiary of CSSC.

This platform was jointly manufactured by the HHMC, B ESTWAY, Dajin Offsore and other related parties. Equipped with four cylindrical slotted legs and independently designed and manufactured hydraulic pin lifting system, P7” can meet the requirements for the maximum operation water-depth of 50M, and its deck area is 2,200 M2 and the leg length is 90M. There are 2 sets of 500KW azimuth thrusters in stern which are under frequency control and coordinate with bow tunnel thruster to make the berthing work and DP1 much easier.

The contract of this project was signed in September, 2020, and it consumed only nine and a half months from contract signing, engineering, purchasing, manufacturing and finally to the delivering, which breaks the shortest construction period record for wind power installation platform and demonstrates the manufacturing capacity for wind power installation platform of HHMC under the leadership of WMMP.

Gangping Platform 7” together with 1200T S.E.U. Ganghang Platform 9, 5000T wind power process vessel Ganghang Vessel 5” and hydraulic hammer “MHU3500S” with the largest percussion energy all over the world and other marine equipment can build up a more complete and professional wind power engineering system when P7” is putted into service. It will effectively ease the intense operation-load of offshore wind power engineering equipment and greatly promote the capacity of systematic operation. Its also a practical measure following the significant decision and arrangement of Carbon Peak and Balance” issued by the Party Central Committee and the State Council to ensure a good beginning of the 14th Five-Year Plan and contribute to national development of green energy.