4 STS& 10 RTG Cranes for Qatar New Hamad Phase II Delivered Successfully

Author: , Add time:2021/12/22

The golden autumn of October is a time when the sweet smelling of osmanthus fragrans fly everywhere. On 20th October, 4 STS & 10 RTG cranes manufactured by HHMC under the leadership of WWMP which is a subsidiary of CSSC for QTERMINALS (a joint venture established by Qatar Port Authority and Qatar Shipping Company) were shipped successfully.


In 2020, equipment manufactured by HHMC for Phase I (3 STS & 12 RTG) were put into operation and achieved good results, which won recognition from user. Its the first batch of equipment for Phase II (4 STS & 14 RTG) sailing towards Qatar New Hamad, which is filled with wisdom and hard-work of HHMC, trust and expectation of QTERMINALS.


Qatar is located in the Middle East where the hot and dry climate requires excellent equipment performance. The STSs and RTGs are all manufactured with the highest standards. As the automated ship-to-shore crane, the STS is fitted with remote control, truck identifying, truck positioning and ship type scanning etc. ,  which could lift four boxes simultaneously and satisfy the loading and unloading operations for the largest vessel today . Equipped with yard scanning, truck positioning, truck anti-lifting, gantry bumper and tire-pressure monitoring etc., all of these functions make sure RTGs’ outstanding applicability and safety. The automation level and container handling capacity of this batch of equipment have reached international first-class level. After being put into operation, the Equipment will greatly boost the terminal’s handling capacity, which would further promote the development of Qatar’s external trade and local economy.


So far, Qatar New Hamad Phase II has won phased victory. From acquaintances to friends, all parties work hand in hand and pursue win-win stage to get this work done well. Firmly adhering to the core value of “Three Qualities and Three Hearts”, actively participating in the development of “the Belt and Road”, and continuously providing “Better Equipment& Better Service”, HHMC will conduct follow-up work actively with serious prevention and control of the pandemic to ensure the smooth delivery and operation.