The Largest Offshore Wind Power Self-elevating Platform in China Delivered in HHMC

Author: , Add time:2022/2/24

On January 7, the "China Three Gorges 101" offshore wind power self-elevating platform manufactured by HHMC under the leadership of WWMP which is a subsidiary of CSSC for China Three Gorges Corporation successfully set sail from HHMC.

Recently, with the rapid development of clean energy, the investment and construction of wind power in China has been accelerated, and offshore wind power construction is in full swing. In order to obtain more offshore wind energy resources, offshore wind power is expanding to far-reaching offshore wind farms more than 60km away from the shore or with a water depth of 40m or more, thus giving birth to the demand for deep sea of offshore wind power exploration and installation equipment. The "China Three Gorges 101" offshore wind power self-elevating exploration and test platform was born from this, which is currently the largest comprehensive exploration and test platform in the field of marine new energy in China. Integrating internationally advanced equipment to perform intelligent offshore drilling, accurate in-situ test and advanced geotechnical test, this platform is equipped with an efficient, smart, energy-saving, and safe exploration system. "China Three Gorges 101" improves China's survey, design, scientific research and production capacity, effectively breaks through the bottleneck of offshore wind power survey, and contributes to China's early realization of the goals of peaking carbon dioxide emissions and carbon neutrality.

The platform is a steel ship-shaped, cylindrical pile-leg self-elevating platform, which is presently the marine engineering exploration and test platform with the most complete functions including the highest efficiency, the deepest operating water depth and the largest platform area in China. It’s equipped with a high-precision DP positioning system which can realize precise orientation and swift movement within wind farm. The platform has a maximum operating water depth of 58 meters, a length of 48 meters, a width of 30 meters, a deck area of about 3.5 basketball courts, a depth of 4.2 meters, a speed of 5 knots, a capacity of 40 people, and a variable load of 450 tons.

l The platform is equipped with 2 fixed drilling positions and 1 movable drilling position in a triangular arrangement, which can realize the simultaneous completion of porous drilling and soil layer analysis at one time, greatly improves the operation efficiency, and can carry out exploration operation normally under the wind of grade 8.

l Equipped with a digital drilling rig, it can perform in-situ tests such as drilling, sampling, dynamic penetration, and standard penetration;

Equipped with a special station for static cone penetration test and a moon pool, which can perform in-situ tests such as offshore CPT, offshore vane, flat shovel, and side pressure test;

l Equipped with precision instrument lab and advanced geotechnical laboratory to carry out physical mechanics geotechnical tests, which can meet the sampling-test closed operation of geotechnical samples in offshore wind farm areas, greatly reduces the disturbance of samples caused by transportation and improve test accuracy.


"China Three Gorges 101" offshore self-elevating wind power exploration platform can meet the engineering survey needs of current complex marine environment and realize the integrated operation of survey and research on offshore wind power, which shall greatly enhance the competitive advantages of major equipment for marine engineering survey and effectively support on significant technology and equipment to promote the offshore wind power industry from coastal waters to far seas. From now on, WMMP and HHMC will continue to implement the national strategy of Marine Super Power” thoroughly, continue to innovate and advance on the design, manufacturing and management of marine engineering equipment, and actively promote the high-quality development of marine engineering equipment.